Alderley Edge Private Residence

Polyurea can be applied to a number of applications. In this example the polyurea coating is applied to a domestic roof and also the facia’s of the property, proving the versatility of the product. The client was looking for longevity combined with an aesthetic finish.


Birmingham Mosque

Polyurea coating was applied to the roof areas of this Birmingham Mosque. Because of the engaging design of the Mosque there was a number of substrates to work with. Polyurea can provide a monolithic seamless coating to most substrates. The coating had to be seamlessly applied to felt, timber, brickwork, steel and concrete in one continuous flow. We achieved this with a 25yr guarantee.

OHM Speaker Factory

The OHM speaker factory at Wilmslow Cheshire, required a high standard roof. It had to reflect the quality and design of their speakers. We made sure there was not one imperfection to the roof substrate prior to coating. Using a slight textured polyurea we replicated a speaker cabinet finish.


Rochdale Primary School

Rochdale primary school required new roof coatings and a first story flat roof space to be used as a playground area. We installed a built up system for the playground roof, vapour barrier, insulation, a plywood board and finished with a high tensile ‘Non Slip’ polyurea coating. This provided a waterproof, safe, and hard-wearing anti slip roof space for the children to enjoy.


Waterstones Roof – Birmingham

The Waterstones building is an iconic building that is at the heart of Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping centre. The front face of the building houses the digital advertising board for the Bullring. The flat roof areas were challenging and spread over a number of floors and substrates. Due to the versatility of HSPC’s polyurea coatings they can be applied to various substrates with excellent results. The roof areas were sealed and waterproofed with an extensive guarantee.

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