Blast Mitigation Polyurea

HSPC specialise in applying Blast Mitigation polyurea’s. What is blast mitigation? Blast Mitigation also known as Bomb Mitigation are forms of defence to protect people, facilities and assets by decreasing or preventing the effects of a bomb blast.


HSPC Blast Mitigation polyurea is applied to walls and buildings in danger of being subjected to a bomb blast. The coated walls then stay together during a blast, the polyurea allows them to flex and withstand explosions far great than uncoated walls and buildings.

During extreme testing at the Air Force Research Laboratory Polyurea Blast Mitigation was the only coating out of 27 tested to pass all bomb blast tests. Testing involved 9’x9’ uncoated and Polyurea coated walls being subjected to large blasts of TNT, used at a distance of 35ft. These tests provided evidence that Polyurea coated walls can reduce the standoff distance by over 50%.


HSPC Blast Mitigation coatings are currently protecting military, civilian and government buildings around the world including the US Pentagon and buildings throughout the UK.


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